Streaming to your TV

I have tried several ways of streaming media from my NAS to my TV, as my TV is an old plasma and not a smart-tv which is why I also need a device connected to my TV.

At first I started the regular way with media on my NAS and my laptop connected to the TV, the positive side was that it worked fine however it didn’t look nice in the living room with cables etc.

Next solution was to replace the old NAS with a HP Microserver, then I bought a Raspberry PI and installed XMBC on the PI, actually not that bad a solution, the PI is small and easily hidden behind the TV – controlling it via smartphone or keyboard was also acceptable.

However I didn’t find media presentation all that good.

I was then recommended to use PLEX, so I downloaded RasPlex and installed it on my PI, and of course the Plex Server on my NAS.  This was actually a very good solution, very easy to navigate either in a browser on the laptop or in an app on smartphones.

Plex is presenting media in a very nice way with information about movies from IMDB and you can search in many different ways, keep track on what has been viewed.

For Plex to match media the best way it’s important to read their naming convention, else you will have problems, especially with tv-shows.

Now I am using PLEX in a virtualized environment on a Mac Mini so I can use the Mac Minis resources for other purposes as well.


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