Setting up LAN at home

I’ve always wanted a good setup at home, and since I’m a big fan of fast connections and stability I’ve tried to cable where possible. In my previous house it was a bit cumbersome to get the cables where I wanted them – I also started without laying a masterplan 🙂

However I recently moved to another house – my plan was to do the cabling at first to be sure it was done the right way from the beginning.  Many ideas was in my head – thought about doing pulling cables down in the cornes of the rooms and then add the outlet on the wall, however a small trip to the addict got me thinking of other solutions. I noticed there was rubbertubes leading phone cables down the wall – who needs phone-outlets in 2016 ?   Long story short – removed the phone cables and pulled cables down that way ; other places there was tubes with cable-tv – the tube was big enough for 2 Cat 6 😉

now the house is cables with at least 16 outlets where I need them – and no cable mess everywhere.

I found the optimum place for my patchpanel; this was installed in a small 9U Rack together with a 24Port Switch and a 8Port POE switch.  This also contains the cable modem and my Mac-mini “server”.  Next to the rack is my NAS.

Wifi is handled via Edimax Pro Cap 1200 located centrally in the living room. I was in doubt whether it should be this one or a Ubiquity, I decided to go for the Edimax as I was not that fond of the Ubiquity interface and the Edimax had the feature of turning off the LED.

So far very satisfied with the setup – speedtest says Gigabit on Lan and also good speeds on wifi – so far maxing out the 150 Mbps of my wlan.

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